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❝ A unique dress 
pour a unique woman

créez et cousez votre robe personnalisée avec Atelier Charlotte Auzou

Our concept of sewing patterns offers you a rich experience of custom-made and personalized creations.
To sew your custom dress, choose from our range, a pattern for the top, another for the bottom, and another for the sleeves (if you wish and/or if it possible with the chosen top). All tops and bottoms patterns are compatible. 
These options, combined with the selection of your fabric and haberdashery, will help you get a unique creation !

Design your dress !

Download our personalization tool and visualize your unique custom-made creation!
Download the tool on your computer : right click on the picture / download
Open with Acrobat Reader. The layer function will help you visualize your dress/jumpsuit. 
Have fun! 

100% compatible patterns

To sew your custom creation, follow the 9 chapters of the top, bottom and sleeves instruction booklets. Some steps can be skipped and depend on the options you have chosen. 


Facings are pieces inside your creation that are used to finish the neckline and armholes.
In the top patterns (except those that are not compatible with the sleeves), you will find two types of facings.

How to choose the type of facing?
This choice depends on the pattern of the sleeves. Before cutting your fabric, check your sleeves pattern in order to determine whether it is a type 1 or 2.
For a sleeveless creation, you will have to choose the type 2 facings.


Depending on the models, the fastening of your dress or jumpsuit (zipper, buttons, …) will be located at center back or on the side. This location will determine how you cut and match the bottom of your personalized creation.

How to choose the type of fastening? 
This choice depends on the top pattern. Before cutting your fabric, check your top pattern to determine if the fastening is on center back or on the side.
Then follow the corresponding cutting instructions in the bottom booklet.

design tool



Push the customization experience even further by sewing tops, skirts, pants or shorts thanks to the free bonuses "Just the top" and "Just the bottom"