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Cowl back

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The cowl back pattern neckline reveals a subtle and elegant open back.
It is draped by cutting the fabric on the bias. Its depth and fall can therefore vary depending on the stretch of your fabric in the bias. Choose fluid fabrics for your creation.
• Note that to sew a jumpsuit, your hip size must not be more than two sizes larger than your bust size, otherwise you will not be able to put it on.
• The cowl back being cut on the bias, this will impact the final rendering for fabrics with directional patterns. You can play with graphic pattern fabrics such as stripes.


100% compatible with all BOTTOMS mix-and-match patterns


Digital pattern
(A0-A4-US letter / margins included /ZIP folder)


Detailed instructions booklets with pictures (FR / EN)

* THIS PATTERN CAN NOT BE USED ON ITS OWN. To make a dress/jumpsuit, you must complete it with one pattern from the BOTTOMS category. To make a top, complete it with the free pattern JUST THE TOP.

150 cm of 140 cm wide fabric
40cm invisible zipper
fusible interfacing
1m20 (1 cm folded) bias tape (type 2 sleeves and sleeveless only)
* yardage can be optimized depending on bottoms pattern and size

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Cowl back

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