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Custom dresses can also be custom jumpsuits ! Our bottom selection expands with this jumpsuit with pockets, fitted to the waist and hips.
It comes in three styles : short, 7/8 length fitted pants or wide pants for the long model.


100% compatible with TOPS mix-and-match patterns


Digital PDF patterns
(A0-A4-US letter / margins included / ZIP folder)


Detailed instructions booklet with pictures (FR / EN)

* THIS PATTERN CAN NOT BE USED ON ITS OWN. To make a jumpsuit, you must complete it with one pattern from the TOPS category. To make shorts/pants, complete it with the free belt pattern JUST THE BOTTOM

34 to 38 80cm of 140 cm wide fabric
40 to 56 110cm of 140 cm wide fabric

34 to 38 150cm of 140 cm wide fabric
40 to 48 205cm of 140 cm wide fabric
50 to 56 250cm of 140 cm wide fabric

+ stay tape

* For the tall height, choose a zipper longer than the one indicated in the top booklet to make it easier to put on.

Unique designs with


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