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Shirred back bodice

6.00 €

This fitted bodice pattern with wide straps will allow you to sew a very summery dress or jumpsuit. It is fitted at the chest but remains comfortable thanks to the shirred back piece.
The booklet will guide you through two methods of constructing smocks: with shirring elastic band, or with casings and flat elastics.
(this pattern is not compatible with the SLEEVES category)

- print-at-home digital pattern
- sizes 34-48 with 2 cups sizes and 3 heights Size chart
- multiple formats pattern files (A4, US letter, A0) / print with or without sewing allowances included
- select your size before printing with layered patterns
- detailled step-by-step instructions booklet
- help to get a made-to-measure fit
- not compatible with our "SLEEVES" patterns category
- translated into French and English

Supplies :
60 cm of 140 cm wide fabric
55 cm of 140 cm wide lining
(or 40 cm of lining if you choose the shirring elastic band method)
40 cm invisible zipper
For the shirred back piece : Method 1 : 150 cm of 5 cm wide shirring elastic band / Method 2 : 600 cm of 5 mm wide flat elastic band
* yardage can be optimized depending on bottoms pattern and size

* This pattern can not be used on its own. To make a dress/jumpsuit, you must complete it with one pattern from the BOTTOMS category. To make a top, complete it with the free pattern JUST THE TOP.


Unique designs with

Shirred back bodice


Mix-and-match patterns are an innovative and fun sewing concept.

The concept is simple: mix the patterns for tops, bottoms and sleeves to obtain a personalized and unique dress or jumpsuit. All tops and bottoms are compatible.

Thanks to instructions explained with photos, you are accompanied at every step for a turnkey sewing experience.

From the summer dress to the wedding dress, let your creativity do the talking.



To imagine your future handmade creation, there is the personalization tool. It allows you to view the compositions of patterns for tops, bottoms and sleeves. It also helps you prepare your sewing project thanks to the list of supplies and it guides you in choosing your size.

How to use it?
1/ Download it to your computer by clicking HERE: right click / save link as OR download the linked file.
2/ Open the PDF file in Acrobat Reader. The Layers function (View menu / Show-hide / Browser panels / Layers) will allow you to visualize live combinations of tops, bottoms and sleeves and imagine your next creation. Be careful, you will not be able to use the tool without the Layers function.
3/ Once you have chosen your dress or jumpsuit, print the sheet to prepare your sewing project.

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